What does your web site say about your business?

Ask yourself:

  • If you were a first time visitor to your website, what would you think of the personality being portrayed by your website?
  • Would you like and trust that person/personality being represented?
  • Would you feel comfortable as a visitor to your website?
  • If your website was an actual living room would you stay and spend some time with the host (you)?

This World Wide Web we in is a social one. The internet is about connecting people to people, not pages to pages.  If you are not providing that personalised touch in your website - you risk falling behind.  If your website is not unique, how can you set yourself apart from the crowd - and win your business?

“Is it time to get serious about your online presence and digital brand?”


We offer a range of products, services and systems to support your online business.

From web design/development, web hosting and web site support to social media and web presence strategy development and consultation to training and project management for your successful and online business campaign.


As your online business ambition grows, so too should your skills and capability in using online technology to your best advantage.

DHP offers one-on-one and multi-person training so that you and your team can effectively and collectively build your business online.


We offer your business our unique experience in developing online media strategy for small and home businesses.

Whether you are starting up and looking for assistance on devising your online identity and web presence or you are looking to expand your online business by enhancing your position in the digital media landscape, we offer a range of services that will help you build your online reputation.

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